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Airchain helps apparel DTC brands connect with verified manufacturers, develop products with assembly line visibility and get them delivered to their front door.

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Save operations man-hours by 80% with Airchain

Operations is tedious? Not with AirChain! We do the ground work to stringently filter manufacturers so you don't have to. Our state of the art technology helps you design and develop samples, collaborate with manufacturers and go to market in a timeframe your competitors can only imagine.

Sourcing Hub

Transforming Sourcing, Production and Inbound Logistics

"Time is money"

Benjamin Franklin

Airchain is built with core focus on time saving. Saved time translates to higher productivity and enhanced profits.

Airchain-Verified Supplier Discovery

Browse through Airchain-Verified manufacturers' profiles to know about their capabilities, MOQs, turnaround time and clientele.

Only the very best in business pass our stringent evaluation
Instant access to our verified manufacturers saves you hundreds of research hours
We monitor manufacturers' performance to ensure a smooth experience all time, everytime

Quickest Pre-production and Sampling

Collaborate with manufacturers from a single window. Reduce design and technical errors, get instant quotes and samples delivered within a week.

Design products and share requirements with a single source of truth
Sample products 2-3x faster than conventional channel
Issue purchase orders and receive invoices with a single click

Assembly Line Visibility

Our technology makes sourcing transparent like never before. We categorise production cycle in milestones and keep you updated at every step of the process

Track every progress of your order from your dashboard
Verify progress at every step via photos and videos from manufacturers
Streamlined dashboard keeps all your communication, files and reports at one place

Reliable & Hassle-free Inbound Logistics

We enable manufacturers take care of your shipment without you having to worry about it. All your logistics information is digitised and stored in one centralised location.

Manufacturers coordinate shipment of your order after your confirmation
Get real time shipment coordinates on your dashboard
Automated notification about the ETA of shipment and also in cases of delays

Finding a good manufacturer and sourcing had been a challenge for us. Airchain helped us get multiple manufacturers and gave us a way to visualize the production line.


Supply Chain Manager

We were able to reduce our production cost and maintain quality standards with Airchain’s verified suppliers.



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